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Robert Durso

Robert Durso has been studying all things internet since 1994 when he had one of the first E-commerce stores on-line. He developed his pages and marketing strategy by studying sites like Ebay and Amazon. He became highly successful in search engine placement and internet marketing. He was one of the first beta testers for Twitter when it was a small community of tech enthusiasts. Social media can be a huge part of your business strategy, unfortunately most just get it wrong and only a few truly succeed. Robert Durso understands the tools you need to succeed!

Robert Durso has continued his relationship with the internet and in 2011 sustains an interesting philosophy and internet strategy that has helped hundreds of local businesses succeed in today's market. Understanding how people use the net is key. Robert takes a sociological approach to your business as he has the experience in knowing how to influence people's decisions on the web.

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